"SSTV History"

(reference: ON4VT)

Slow Scan TV History


1957 - Concept of SSTV formatted by Copthorn Macdonald
1958 - Electrostatic P7 monitor built by Macdonald
1958 - SSTV Camera using special Westinghouse 7290 vidicon by Macdonald
1960 - FCC Grants a Special Temporary Authorization (STA) to send
            SSTVG. Limited to those who Macdonald had given 7290 vidicons
1967 - Magnetic Deflection, transistorized P7 monitor
1968 - Flying Spot Scanner for SSTV by WB8DQT & K7YZZ
1968 - SSTV with standard vidicons, WB8DQT, K7YZZ
1968 - FCC makes SSTV legal or advanced class hams.
1969 - Sampling Camera for SSTV by W9NTP
1970 - Double Sideband SSTV provides simultaneous voice and SSTV by
            W7FEN (Voice on lower sideband (sstv on upper sideband)
1970 - Color SSTV using Polaroid camera, RGB filters and Py monitors - WB8DQT, W2DD
1970 - 1st commercial SSTV system with Robot 70 monitor & Robot 80 camera
1971 - Old plumbicons from TV stations used for SSTV camera, W7ABW
1972 - SSTV keyboard is first SSTV integrated circuit unit W0LMD
1972 - Publication of the "SSTV Handbook", W9NPT,WB8DQT
1973 - Camera Scan Converter uses TV camera for SSTV - W6MXV & W0LMD
1973 - Double vidicon tubes provide bright SSTV pictures on TV
            monitors - W9NTP & SM0BUO
1974 - Receiving SSTV Shift Register Scan Converter - WB9LVI, W6MXV, &W0LMD
1975 - Three color shift register scan converter, W9NTP
1975 - Robot 300 using salvaged double Princeton vidicons
1976 - Color multiframe SSTV receive/transmit Scan Converter using
            color wheel filters - W9NTP
1976 - RAM SSTV scan converters, W9LMD, WB9LVI (Microcraft)
1976 - Solid state RAM Robot 400 obsoletes Robot Model 300
1977 - Persona Computer 1st used to send & receive SSTV, W0LMD
1978 - Special Temporary Authorization (STA) to send Medium Scan Television
            36 KHZ, W0LMD
1979 - 1st moving TV from USA to Europe without cable or satellite, W0LMD
1980 - Single frame color developed, W0LMD
1984 - Robot 1200 provides commercial single frame color, Multiple
            Analog Components (MAC) method\
1984 - SSTV using the Radio Shack Color Computer, K6AEP, WB8DQT
1986 - 1992 - Various high resolution color systems developed
1993 - PC based software & hardware boards for SSTV, Pasokon
1995 - PC DOS based software & an operational amplifier interface for
            SSTV marketed
1997 - PC Windows & Sound Blaster based SSTV software marketed

W9NTP and others are writing the history of SSTV. The authors would
welcome any corrections, substitutions, and information that you can
supply. This list of developments were compiled mostly while talking
over the air or in person. The dates may be slightly in error. If you
find a problem, send Don Miller, W9NTP email: wyman@svs.net